My Freedom Token seems like the best way to earn crypto for free. MFT is a decentralized finance ecosystem that redefines the crypto world with its technology and unique features.

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About ICO

About My Freedom Token

Why to choose My Freedom Token

We have over 20 years of experience in investing in assets. We are a financial asset manager with a focused mind. MFT's philosophy is built on a long-term approach to fundamental analysis, implemented by one of the region's largest and most dedicated investment teams.
Asset management is our only line of business. We are constantly seeking out opportunities wherever they may be found. We believe that innovation, prudence, and a constant eye on the future can help us identify profitable investment options over the long term.

Our Vission

My Freedom Token is of the opinion that if we have a happy community, we can launch many more of our projects in the months and years to come. Examples of these projects include: Our Own Crypto, Blockchain, Exchange, Swapping Platform, and Other Utilities from which every member of our community can generate a passive income,

Our Mission

The goal of MFT is to introduce common cryptocurrency ideas to the public. MFT introduces holders to cutting-edge ideas like participation rewards, NFTs,decentralizedexchanges, and more, in contrast to earlier, related initiatives. MFT will make history by achieving a $1 billion market cap and more over 50,000 holders within the first four months of its introduction. This represents an extraordinary accomplishment for a project of its kind and demonstrates the supporters' faith in the initiative.

Benefits of Using Our Solution

We are aware of Web3 companies' aspirations for expansion. Whether you
concentrate on gaming, NFTs, blockchain technologies, finance, cryptocurrency, or anything else.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Instant Exchange

Instant Exchange

Strong Network

Strong Network

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Margin Trading

Margin Trading

My Freedom Token - Contracts

BEP20 Smart Contracts
Features for My Freedom Token - (MFT)





6000000 ( Six Millon only )



My Freedom Token Sell will start in

Token Distribution

  • of Total Supply will be locked for 5 Years

  • of Total Supply will be released in 60 months.

  • 1.66% / Month for Affiliate

  • 0.67%/month for Staking

  • after 5 Year 50% of Total Supply will be released by 0.5%/Year for Public Trade

Road Map

January 2023

Idea and Concept Creation

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March 2023

Market Analysis & Research

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July 2023

Website Designing (Beta Version)

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September 2023

MFT Deploy On B.Chain

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October 2023

Start PreSale Of MFT

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December 2023

Launch of Meta Office

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Febuary 2024

Listing on CEXs(Centralized Exchanges)

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptography is used to safeguard transactions that are digitally recorded on a distributed ledger, such as a blockchain, using cryptocurrency, a sort of virtual currency. An "on-chain" transaction is a bitcoin transaction that is recorded on a distributed ledger; a "off-chain" transaction is a transaction that is not recorded on the distributed ledger.
My Freedom Token (MFT) is a part of the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem, which is redefining the cryptocurrency industry with its exclusive technology, distinctive features, and practical use. The MFT Token ecosystem includes it.
MFT offers its owners, investors, and followers a special environment that will maximise your cryptocurrency holdings with its exclusive crypto faucet feature. You can gather cryptocurrency assets from the ecosystem and then optimise them.
MFT is a BEP20 decentralised multi-utility token built on the fastest Tron blockchain's BEP20 network that encourages and supports the project's decentralisation by offering a special incentive for user transactions via distributed wallets.
As is well known, blockchain technology and a variety of payment methods form the foundation of the economic ecosystem of the future. The best option for securely storing all of your digital files is MFT. By offering an unrestricted peer-to-peer option for all types of transactions, MFTaims to empower the digital community by giving them complete ownership over their assets. With the help of our Mand blockchain technology, we aim to make payments simpler. We'll createorganizationsthat are genuinely efficient, open, and trustworthy.
The bitcoin industry places a premium on trust. That entails complete transparency in all security efforts as well as in the community's support and development. Examples include thorough code audits of MFTand the burning of liquidity tokens to significantly lower the danger of fraudulent activity. Byutilizingthe benefits of adecentralizedexchange, MFT provides a quick and secure solution to handle and trade all types of cryptocurrency assets. On the other side, MFT is employingdecentralizedblockchain to eliminate the drawbacks of the market's presentcentralizedsolutions.
Any user can purchase currency directly on the Dex by simply exchanging a token in a few easy steps. The infrastructure's growth, the global adoption of blockchain technology, and the ecosystem of MFT, which is a component of the infrastructure, can all contribute to an increase in token prices. Additionally, a special cryptocurrency faucet feature allows you to generate money slowly but steadily.
It is crucial for cryptocurrencies to have a solid foundation if they want to dominate the crypto industry. Only a realistic approach and effective strategy implementation will make it achievable. The fundamentals for expanding the My Freedom token are as follows:

(A) Ecosystem: The MFT ecosystem enables token holders to actively participate in every sector of the cryptocurrency market, increasing sales and earnings for businesses using this platform to offer their services. Sharing the value of the generated material with the many ecosystem players is the key value. By obtaining the necessary assistance or engaging in the activities, each ecosystem member makes a contribution to the ecosystem's growth.

(B) Community Evolution: The community will inevitably develop and flourish as the ecology does. Because this platform is decentralised and community-driven, its growth occurs more quickly. The MFT community aims to reach 100,000 users in the first quarter of its launch and 500,000 users after six months.

(C) Use: If something cannot be used elsewhere, even the most valuable items in the world become useless. If a cryptocurrency cannot be used across numerous platforms, its circulation will not advance. Meaning that users should be able to use cryptocurrencies wherever they are needed and for any purpose. Therefore, My Freedom Token ecosystem is generating the Token's usefulness on multiple platforms.

1. The MFT Token will function as a payment method inside the MFT Ecosystem. It is a BEP20 compliant token created on the BSC Network Chain. One of the many uses of the MFT token is that it will give users access to various functions and investment modules.
2. Users will receive rewards in MFT tokens and other BEP20 tokens thanks to its UNLIKELY CRYPTO FAUCET FEATURE.
3. It will serve as the primary component of the network's transaction settlement system.
4. Used for paying energy bills, prepaid recharges, booking travel, etc.
5. Tokenization of entertainment content as well as fine and digital art.